Thursday, June 5, 2014

Secondhand Sites, Charitable Shopping, and a Note on Necessity

Sorry for my absence, but I've been traveling a lot and just busy at work and radio (while doing some online shopping too haha).

I wanted to share with you a couple of nifty sites I've found for selling, buying, and donating your clothes:

1. Poshmark

This has been my go-to site for summer gear (thanks to the ever-helpful Jack Chen for this rec)! You need some good online shopping stamina to wade through the voluminous search results but thankfully you can narrow things down somewhat by filtering your clothing size, shoe size, or favorite brand. Tons and tons of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Brandy Melville dresses, and other popular name brands on this site!

This is me in my first Poshmark conquest while filming at YouTube Space LA:

I think the sweater is a Wildfox knockoff, but it was in perfect shape, almost brand new for $25!

Another cool find were these Jeffrey Campbell sandals

They're JC for real, and they were priced at under $60, with barely any wear on the soles.

Finally, my favorite purchase from Posh is this tan Seeger leather bucket bag, in awesome vintage condition:

I use this as my every day summer bag. Vintage leather is one of the best investments when thrift shopping because you know they'll last. 

2. Vaunte

Vaunte is a somewhat ritzier version of Poshmark, with a lot of high-end name brands and "Featured" closets from well-known socialites, models, and fashion bloggers. I haven't bought anything from this site so far because I haven't found a need for anything in that price range yet. Definitely worth checking out if you want a pair of secondhand Versace sandals in excellent shape though!

3. Fashion Project

My brilliant friend Angira linked me to Fashion Project (thanks, Angira!) and while I was initially jealous I hadn't thought of this idea first, I immediately began to mentally catalog clothes I could donate toward this cause!

Fashion Project combines the best of charity, retail therapy AND a rewards program to guarantee the most gratifying shopping experience I've found online so far.

This is how it works: you donate clothing/shoes/jewelry/accessories to FP in the name of a charity that you choose, FP repackages and markets the clothes off their site and donates proceeds to your charity AND if five pieces of what you donate are on their "qualifying brands list" (trust me, the list is so long, you definitely have stuff on that list), you receive a $40 Nordstroms gift certificate!

You get $40 to shop with for every FIVE pieces you donate. Even if your stuff isn't on the list, they'll still sell it for you in the name of your charity. PLUS, they send you a free shipping label, so you just pack it up and send those babies out.

How wonderful is that?

Oh, and did I mention you can shop the site for secondhand stuff too?

Badgley Mischka for $79. What! Get it here.

If you can buy goods and do good at the same time, why wouldn't you?

And a final thought on all the summer sales going on: I keep seeing e-mails and ads that say "Necessities for Summer" or "All You Need for the Beach."

I want to remind everyone, and myself too because I'm guilty of this temptation, that we have everything we need already. Sure, you need sunblock for protection, you need a swimsuit that won't fall apart in the water, but you definitely don't need another pair of $350 sunglasses. You want them, you don't need them.

I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting pretty things. Just remember that you have everything you NEED to feel complete already. Love your self, not your things.

And now, shop, sell, and donate away, my friends!

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  1. Wow, what an awesome find with those JCs! I love thrift shopping for just that reason - you never know what kind of high-end designer stuff you might find.
    Raissa | The Leather Fanny Pack