Friday, January 17, 2014

Vintage Styling for Oscar Academy Awards 2014 Nominees

Did you guys watch the Golden Globes this year?

I just watched the intro with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on YouTube. They looked fantastic!

BUT, I can't say I loved what EVERYONE wore to the Goldies. I would have styled certain actresses differently. Like, I would have put Jennifer Lawrence in a Dior dress that didn't look like a piece of sushi wrapped with seaweed.

No worries, though. She can redeem herself again soon. The great thing about Hollywood is that everyone gets a second chance after the Golden Globe Awards, because after that is the Oscar Academy Awards, where dreams are made and crushed...permanently! (Until next year)

Anyway, since I'm doing the whole secondhand thing this year, I decided to check online for good vintage options for fancy events like the Oscar Ceremony. A very cursory search revealed TONS of great vintage evening gowns online for all budgets and occasions! Etsy is a great source for all things vintage, including accessories, and Fab-Vintage has wonderful designer vintage pieces in great condition!

Feeling inspired, I took the liberty of styling the Best Actress nominees for this year, with almost all vintage dresses and accessories!

As you'll see below, I included pictures of what they wore to the Golden Globes this year and why I'd style them differently for the Oscars.

Sandra Bullock (for Gravity)

Golden Globe Outfit: Prabal Gurung Gown. With her dark eyes and hair and strong facial features, Sandra Bullock is a great subject for styling. However, I thought the color-blocked Prabal Gurung dress she wore for the GGs failed to play up her best assets. The pink bodice on her Prabal dress looked sort of blah on her skin.
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 Proposed Oscar Outfit: Blue strapless embellished gown from Etsy with Nicholas Kirkwood pumps and Edie Parker clutch. I like bold primary colors on Sandra, since the colors need to be strong enough to compete with her features. In addition to the blue dress, I also envision her with canary yellow diamond earrings, a brightly colored clutch, and a vintage diamond ring.

Judi Dench (for Philomena)

Golden Globe Outfit: I couldn't find a pic of Judi Dench at the GGs, so here she is in a Stella McCartney dress over the holidays. She usually has no problems choosing a distinct, attractive, and age-appropriate outfit so I'm not too worried about her. Nonetheless...

judi dench, oscar, golden globes, philomena, 2014, dress, vintage, shopping, style, hollywood, cute, pretty, sexy, gown, chanel

Proposed Oscar Outfit: I'd try to accentuate her coolest feature which is her cropped silvery-white  hair. Having had this style wayyyyyy before Miley ever copped it, I think Judi should draw more attention to being the leader in this short-hair trend. With that said, I would put Judi in a frosty white silk dress like this vintage gown from the 1930s from Timeless Vixen. Paired with vintage Chanel pumps from Fab Vintage and spiked with vintage ruby accessories and red lipstick, Judi could steal the show back from all the young'uns at the ceremony.

Cate Blanchett (for Blue Jasmine)

Golden Globe Outfit:  Armani Couture Gown. Cate Blanchett wore a very elegant black lace Armani dress for the GGs. While she looks stunning in most dresses, I feel she has an unconventional beauty that can be enhanced with intense colors and avant-garde accessories.

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Proposed Oscar Outfit: Because Cate is one of those rare fair-skinned women who can pull off bright colors, I'd put her in a red paint-splattered Basso Brooke gown, black Chanel sandals, and ornate Chanel earrings, all vintage from Farfetch. A quirky seashell-shaped (say it six times) Lanvin purse and vintage Rolex round out the outfit and pay tribute to Cate's unique style and talent.

Meryl Streep (for August: Osage County)

 Golden Globe Outfit: Vivienne Westwood Couture Gown. The most defining thing about Meryl's GG outfit was, first, her confidence, and second, her cool glasses. It takes a strong woman to dress her age at a star-studded event like the Golden Globes and Meryl wears these glasses like a G! It's like she's saying, "yes, I'm in my 60s and people in their 60s wear glasses, so what?" I really can't criticize the glasses choice and they look good with the silk gown she wore, but I'd personally like to see her in lighter colors for the Oscars.
meryl streep, august, osage county, oscar, golden globes, 2014, dress, vintage, shopping, style, hollywood, cute, pretty, sexy, gown, vivienne westwood, chanel

Proposed Oscars Outfit: A sparkly gold vintage Emma Domb gown from Farfetch, and gold and black vintage Chanel accessories with some lighter glasses to match the dress. Meryl has a sort of East Coast actress style, so I kept all of her accessories distinct-looking and with a whole lot of black!

Amy Adams (for American Hustle)

Golden Globes Outfit: Valentino Gown. Amy's dress for the GGs was rather fun, exuding a sexy disco vibe with the low V neckline and long pleated skirt. The dress was the perfect piece to remind everyone of her nomination for American Hustle, which is set during the 1970s. My only issue with this dress choice is the color; the dark red dress made her strawberry-blonde hair color look dull and lifeless.
amy adams, redhead, oscar, golden globes, 2014, dress, vintage, shopping, style, hollywood, cute, pretty, sexy, gown, valentino, oleg cassini, american hustle, 70s, disco
Proposed Oscars Outfit:  To keep the disco party going, I'd dress Amy in a long green vintage Oleg Cassini dress with a sparkly neckline. The satin bodice and strapless sweetheart neckline will still evoke the 70s mood, and the emerald green color would offset her pale skin and red hair rather than upstage it. A vintage tassel necklace, beaded clutch, oversized cocktail ring, and glittery nail lacquer add to Amy's disco ball charm.

Which Golden Globes dress did you guys like the most?

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