Sunday, January 12, 2014

Secondhand Sundays: Cleaning Out My Closet

Here's the reality of that "streamlining my soul" line:

Some things are hard to give up!

I went to Buffalo Exchange this weekend to sell some of my stuff and there were a couple of items I couldn't bear to part with. But here's me soldiering on and giving away three big bags of clothing and shoes:

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*sob* Photo Cred to Stephanie Zoet, aka helpful friend that accompanied me.
After waiting in line for 20 minutes, the nice people at Buffalo Exchange bought three pairs of shoes from me and a couple of funny sweatshirts from my college days. I shopped around a little to see whether I wanted to use my store credit from the trade but ended up buying NOTHING, which is huge for a shopaholic like me. The rest of the stuff they didn't buy are going to Goodwill.

Anyway, back to the stuff I couldn't give up. Here's what I ended up having second thoughts about giving away:

mint, zara, sandals, pumps, shoes, stilettos, heels, strappy, shopping, dressy, high heel, sexy, cute, 2014, 2013
Mint Zara T-strap Sandals

These Zara sandals are a little torn up around the heel, but I'm thinking of getting them repaired and giving them a second chance. Plus, I think mint will still be a good color for spring and summer 2014.

pumps, vince camuto, purple, lavender, cute, mid-heel, block heel, dressy, vintage, shopping, inspiration, scallop, silver, 2013, 2014
Lavender Vince Camuto Pumps

I was originally going to sell/give these pumps away since they're a little too big for me, but they're too cute to let go of now. There's just something timeless yet unique about these pumps, so I'm going to pad the heck out of them with shoe cushions and see if I can get some wear of them somehow.

melrose, shopping, boots, cowboy, western, vintage, repurposed, leather, cute, sexy, comfortable, 2013, 2014
El Dorado Vintage Cowboy Boots
These boots are totally worn out. I bought them in already vintage condition in 2006 at a store on Melrose. The salesperson said they were "actual cowboy boots", which I guess means a real cowboy with lady-sized feet wore them at one point? In any case, they are the most comfortable boots ever and have been with me through hikes and rainy days and art school and law school and music festivals and all kinds of ups and downs for the past seven years. Because of that, I have a bit of an emotional attachment to these boots. I think I'll wear them down some more before I let them go!

As a last note, I just want to say that my selling experience at Buffalo Exchange on La Brea in Hollywood was a positive one. The sales associates were very personable and helpful and a pleasure to work with. I hear a lot of complaints that Buffalo doesn't buy a lot of items or that the sales reps are snotty and that was definitely not the case at the Hollywood location. Also, the Buffalo in Costa Mesa has great finds and an awesome team to sell to/buy from as well.

Next project: clearing out my dresses. More tears and posts to come! Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. You have a lovely blog, I am a new gfc follower.


  2. +ivana, your blog is lovely too. Thanks for checking out my page!

  3. Ahh love those Zara shoes!

  4. You look totally classy in this outfit. I love your collection of pumps and that yellow shirt. Did you buy it from Brandy Melville Tops collection? I spotted similar piece at online collection of BM clothing.

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