Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Loopholes, Cheats, and Chanel Shoes

Of course since I can't buy new clothes anymore, I've become obsessed with finding a new pair of shoes I don't need. One freak day of sore arches has led me to the conclusion that I would very much like a pair of cute flats for work and play.

Naturally, when I think of flats, I think of Chanel ballet flats, à la Audrey Hepburn in a boatneck top and fluffy skirt in the movie Sabrina.

audrey hepburn, sabrina, breakfast at tiffany's, classic, black and white, movie, hollywood, chanel, flats, tulle, pretty, cute classy

However, being

     a.  not a movie star (and thus not having $1K to spend on casual shoes); and

     b. a non-famous blogger who has pledged to try buying vintage for a year,

I have resigned myself to window shopping on luxury consignment websites replete with name brand "gently used" items. I had to get past the "ew" factor at first that the shoes are pre-owned, but actually most of them are in great shape, barely worn, or never worn at all. I probably mess my shoes up much worse in an hour than these "gentle users" of luxury footwear.

Found some gems, like this one:

audrey hepburn, sabrina, breakfast at tiffany's, classic, black and white, movie, hollywood, chanel, flats, tulle, pretty, cute classy
Oh, how I wish I were a size 7. Get 'em at
I also found a great website called The RealReal. It's a very clean and well-organized site, where you can search by designer, size, and price range. The only thing missing is a good sorting function for search results. 

This site also updates daily, much like Gilt Groupe or HauteLook. Yesterday, there was a whole 8 pages devoted to a Chanel sale!

This is today's favorite on The RealReal:

Size 8.5, $95! Great deal! At
Anyway, I'm still searching for the perfect flat. I think the hunt is more fun than eating the catch at this point.

In all honesty, I think my mind is dealing with the shopping withdrawal by telling me I need new shoes. I don't. But it's still fun to look! =D

I'll sign out with an old pic of my favorite vintage sweater found at Buffalo Exchange in 2009. There are actually pencils and words (on the back) knitted INTO it. They just don't make 'em like that anymore! Most sweaters have images or words dyed into them now. This is also up on my new Instagram account, @secondhandswaggy, so please follow me when you get a chance.

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Pencil me in.


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